Nobody makes a bigger mistake than (s)he who did nothing because (s)he could only do a little


Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad aka MIRA (2008)

I visited Ghana in April 2008 with Marla and Bright Star Vision primarily to work with the YCC Ghana youth and to do spoken word in the motherland. Imagine my surprise when one of the children from YCC recited one of my poems! I must say, the experience was life defining and motivational. I am so proud to have been a part of the BSV team. I always find it amazing when you think you are going to help someone and through the experience you realize that you are the one who was made better. I highly recommend this journey to anyone looking to make a difference.
Kerry Duffy (2009)

I traveled to Ghana for 3 weeks in May of 2009 with Marla and the BSV team. As a high school student I had participated in the ACE mentor program and had a chance to be a part of the team that designed the Bright Star Kindergarten for the village of Dalive. Travelling to Ghana and seeing the construction of the schoolhouse was extremely gratifying. In addition to working with the school I was able to interact and volunteer with the Youth Creating Change team, who are extremely accommodating and will make sure that you have the opportunity to see and do everything you could possibly wish during your stay. Words cannot describe how amazing of an experience this was. I learned just as much from the Ghanaians as they learned from me, and I would go back in a heartbeat.

Erik Beach and Rachel Taylor (2006)

Community Building in Ghana
Rachel and I spent about two weeks in Ghana in November 2006 (a time maybe even before Bright Star Vision had its name?) during our year-long trip around the world. We were fortunate enough to spend several days with John in Sogakope, where we visited the YCC reading classes and accompanied a surveyor to Dalive village to mark off the space for the kindergarten. While we visited many amazing countries on our trip, our time in Ghana was very special. Because of our connection to Marla (and through her, to John), we were able to contribute our small efforts to the amazing work that YCC does, and the sense of hope that it brings. I can't think of anywhere else on our trip where we experienced such a welcome from and connection to people doing great work for their community as we did in Ghana.

Marcia Waszkiewicz, retired nurse (April 2007)

Traveling to Ghana was one the best things I have ever done for myself. All of the people I met were loving and friendly; but I was most impressed by their happiness and their beautiful smiling faces. I come from America where we have everything and I saw little children with no toys-----maybe a rock - or dirt - or a stick -- yet they were all so happy. Another thing that really impressed me was the fact that education was the most important to them. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to go to Ghana with BSV---DO IT !!!!!! It is the trip of a lifetime -- you travel -- not as a tourist, but your time is spent with the real people who make Ghana the wonderful country that it is.

Jennifer Tribanas, Bright Star Vision volunteer (April 2008)

In April of 2008 I took the most wonderful adventure to Ghana , Africa

My first experience was meeting the children off the YCC program in Sogakope. They are so very special and eager to learn.  It was so rewarding to actually see were donations go. I saw the joy in the kidís eyes when they were given a few new books that we had on hand to add to their library. For me, I was honored to have lent a helping hand in organizing their library.

When we ventured to the small town of Dalive , I was unable to vocally communicate with the children. There was a language barrier however; within ten minutes of them becoming comfortable with me we created a new language.  They have a special snapping greeting and they allowed me into their world and we snapped for two days.  Although some may not see how special that is, it meant more to me than anyone could imagine.

Ghana , Africa is such a magical place.  You are eager to help and teach everyone there that will listen, but at the end of the trip you realize you learned more from them. If you have an opportunity to go to Ghana and meet the YCC team along with the wonderful families in Dalive you will not be disappointed.  

Marla has created a wonderful program that allows you to go to Ghana and fulfill whatever mission each person has.  The group I went with was the first of its size in volume.  We had all different missions and Marla made sure every one of us were able to complete what we set out to do.  She is wonderful and has created a great program that gives you the volunteer aspect along with the cultural and site seeing portion (depending on how long your trip is). She has made a huge change for the Dalive town and also for the YCC program.  Some of you may not be able to travel to Ghana however, if you like what you are hearing and have seen throughout the website please donate whatever you can.  100% of the donations go directly to the programs.