Nobody makes a bigger mistake than (s)he who did nothing because (s)he could only do a little



Resident Ghana Ambassadors for Bright Star Vision

John Glidden - Director of "Youth Creating Change" Ghana

John with Marla

Orison Kwame at the Dalive School Library

Marla and Orison in Dalive Village (2005)

MIRA surrounded by YCC Kids in Sogakope - 2008

 Bright Star Vision Delegations to Ghana

Marcia Waskiewicz, Marla, Jackie Hull The 2007 BSV Team

MIRA, sitting on railing, Marla in back, from left to right:
Jenn Tribanas, Kelly Lester, Alison Rand, Ada Bodjolle 2008 BSV team

Alison Rand, Jamie Zyla, Jenn Tribanas
dancing with a woman in Adrakpo Village

Bright Star Vision Ambassadors in 2009

Excursion Winners in 2009