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Ghana is located in West Africa

The Volta Region is located in the southeast near Lake Volta

Some Facts About Ghana

  • Ghana is located in West Africa and is slightly smaller than the state of Oregon with a population of about 20 million
  • Ghana is a former British colony once known as the Gold Coast due to its gold mines
  • It was the first African country to achieve its independence in 1957 and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence throughout 2007
  • The Ghanaian people are friendly and good-natured, and English speaking, in addition to one of 50 native languages from their region.
  • According to a United Nations UNESCO study, Ghana spends the highest percentage of its budget (42%) on education; yet there is still a high level of illiteracy
  • Ghana is a wealthy country in resources; however it needs to be able to utilize technology in order to maximize its resources.