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Open Letter to President Obama by Marla Ludwig

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Marla Ludwig, and I am the founder and director of Bright Star Vision, a grassroots organization committed to putting smiles on the faces of children in the deprived communities in Ghana .  I have just returned from my fifth visit to Ghana , and everyone I met as I traveled throughout the country is thrilled that you have chosen to visit Accra and Cape Coast this month.  The tour of Cape Coast Castle will surely be a rewarding experience for you and Michelle and an invaluable one for your host, President John Atta Mills ... 

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RadioActive January 28, 2009 Bright Star Vision

February 2nd, 2009 by kevin

This week, an interview with Marla Ludwig, founder of Bright Star Vision a secular grassroots organization based in West Hartford. BSV is currently building a school in Dalive, Ghana. Be sure to attend the fundraiser on February 7, 6-10pm at Artspace in Hartford.

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RadioActive: To Ghana from Connecticut

August 3rd, 2009 by kevin

Marla Ludwig, founder of Bright Star Vision, discusses updates on the kindergarten construction and other projects in Ghana, West Africa. We also speak to John Himadgi Glidden of Youth Creating Change via phone from Ghana.

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Welcome to American Friends of Kenya

American Friends of Kenya (AFK) began as an informal effort to support a Kenyan couple living in Connecticut who wanted to help school and community libraries. Many of their friends and co-workers joined together, collected books and computers and helped make this dream a reality.

During the Summer of 2004, 18 of the people involved in the book collection drive visited Kenya ...

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