Nobody makes a bigger mistake than (s)he who did nothing because (s)he could only do a little



Since the Organization's Inception, we have:
  • Created an elementary library which started with 300 books, globes, games etc. and has now grown to three branches with over 1200 books
  • Built 10 Bio-sand water filters so the villagers are able to enjoy fresh water and avoid disease from consuming contaminated river water
  • Shipped 12 42"x30"x21" containers full of clothing, books, toys, medical and other supplies
  • Sent wheelchairs to needy disabled individuals that have been unable to get around without crawling; as well as various other canes, walkers, and crutches.
  • Sponsored 30 children for junior secondary school (grades 7 & 8), enabling them to continue their studies by providing school fees and uniforms
  • Made ongoing deliveries of stuffed animals and Beanie Babies to children in orphanages and in the hospital
  • Sponsored 40 students with an excursion to the Accra Zoo to reward them for their perfect school attendance
  • Sponsored Recognition and Motivational ceremonies for Dalive Village, the Village of Adrakpo (a nearby drumming village), and the YCC Office library students in Sogakope
  • Worked with the ACE Mentor program under the direction of Tecton Architects to design the Bright Star Kindergarten and provide the blue prints to begin construction
  • Hosted volunteer vacations in 2007 and 2008