Nobody makes a bigger mistake than (s)he who did nothing because (s)he could only do a little

  Bright Star Vision is a grassroots support organization that originated in 2005 when a woman named Marla Ludwig decided to visit the African Country of Ghana for a vacation with no more than just her backpack earning her the nickname "Backpackin' Granny" . When asked by a friend whether she would consider bringing some books or supplies to some of the underprivileged there, she initially overlooked the idea. But upon further evaluation, she stopped wondering "Why?" and began to think "Why Not" This action led to the outcome of her single-handedly sponsoring a village in need in the Volta Region of Ghana.

After doing her research in order to establish a connection in Ghana, where someone could direct her to a village in need of children's books, her partnership with Youth Creating Change (YCC) of Ghana led to the establishment of a brand new Children's Library in the Dalive Village. The following year, again in conjunction with YCC, she provided the materials and funds to build 10 bio-sand water filters which produce fresh, non-contaminated water for the village of 1000. The focus project for 2007 was the sod cutting ceremony for the building of a 3 room kindergarten schoolhouse which will enable the students to be taught in a classroom setting.. All these projects have been made possible through fundraising, and charitable donations of money and goods by local citizens and professionals

Bright Star Vision is the result of one woman's vision. The name for the organization was inspired by Marla's dream of a bright star shining over the Dalive Village, as well as the children's enthusiasm and eagerness to read, learn, and do well in school upon being provided with books, school resources, and student sponsorships.